Hello, we're bluerock

At Bluerock, our pioneering spirit and luxury brand expertise fuel our mission to bring originality and unique experiences to our customers, while maintaining our commitment to sustainability, future generations and this planet we call home.

our story

Established in 1992, Bluerock Holdings today represents more than 150 brands, each of which provides iconic products. As specialists in the luxury segment with a strong focus on serving the most discerning local and foreign clientele, Bluerock is present in the three major sectors of the luxury market:

Jewellery & Timepieces, Fashion & Accessories, Beauty & Fragrances.

The jewellery business has been the foundation of our entrepreneurial spirit at Bluerock, nourishing a culture of honesty and trust. We put value in brand selection, and we work with Maisons enriched with savoir faire, aiming to exceed customer expectation. The business model that we follow, seeks skill and mastery at all process levels, from the choice of product raw materials all the way to our selective retailing experiences. During these past 30 years, we have carefully marketed all our brands by operating through a highly selective distribution strategy, and locating all our boutiques in Malta’s prime shopping areas.

Bluerock is committed to strongly upholding company ethics, as well as underlying social and environmental responsibilities. Integrity is imperative in every aspect of our activities and relations with our stakeholders.

strategic pillars

Curated collection

Incorporating luxury, creativity and innovation, Bluerock’s primary goal is to offer iconic products and experiences defined by excellence and the highest quality, allowing each of our customers to express their unique individuality and style.


All our iconic locations are specially picked out to reflect our high standards. Each of our outlets welcomes you to explore our stunning physical spaces, and elevates the act of shopping into a luxurious, exclusive experience.

customer centricity

We put customer focus at the heart of everything we do, in order to achieve client satisfaction and loyalty.


Our creative and hard-working team members are the backbone of the company and the champions of our ethos. They reflect our long and illustrious history, and the legacy we want to leave behind.     


The world we live in is important to us and we are committed to leaving it in a good state for the even more ecologically-conscious generations who will follow us.


We are family

We care about our team, our partners and our customers. We listen to, and we learn from, each other. We work hard to build trusted, open and honest relationships for the long term, so together we create that which makes us all proud.

Strive for better

Striving for improvement is what drives our team. We are always looking for better, more sustainable ways to do business. We seek out partners who share our high standards, carefully sourcing best in class in supply chain and design.

Be the change

We embrace change. Determined to continue to learn in our pursuit of excellence, trusted to bring the latest, surprising and exciting products and experiences to our customers.

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We continuously seek the thrill of discovery and experiment with new brand collaborations and edits, that inspire individuality and celebrate life. All great relationships start with Hello!