Push your professional boundaries with Bluerock – there truly are no limits. Join our team and help us shape the future of luxury retail.

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At Bluerock, our people are the very nerve centre of our mission and strategies. Their diversity and creativity are the keystones of our continued success, as we strive to sustainably disrupt and influence the world of luxury retail.


Boasting 12 speciality activities, and comprising over 100 brands, housed in more than 10,000sqm of premium retail space, Bluerock’s diversity and size allow us to afford the space and opportunities our employees need, to not only realise their potential, but to exceed it. We can provide the tools and support you need to allow you to thrive within Bluerock’s diversity, and we do so because we know that people who are passionate about what they do will invariably reach great heights along their career path.


Your journey with Bluerock follows a path of boundless opportunity, defined by your own ambitions, and explored with like-minded, passionate individuals. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your personal successes by investing our business savoir-faire in your development, building upon your natural talents, and nurturing your unique skills.


Our vision of contemporary luxury elevates the way we live, making our lives more expressive, beautiful, and sustainable. The creative direction of our Houses is entrusted to highly talented individuals, safe in the knowledge that imagination and creative thinking are our lifeblood. Our professionals are offered every opportunity to grow, and reach their full potential, while being encouraged to push boundaries, and so reshape the luxury world, in line with the clear need for continual transformation. Today, luxury, which has historically been synonymous with heritage, exquisite craftsmanship and extraordinary know-how, is much more than that; it is also the means of choice to express one’s individuality.


Jobs for you

At Bluerock, we are all about celebrating life and inspiring individuality. And this extends to our employees. Have you got what it takes to join us? If you are a visionary who is passionate about luxury, and ready to push your creative boundaries, do get in touch with us.

Open Positions

Retail Manager – Men Sartorial

Sales Advisor – Men Sartorial

Retail Manager – Contemporary Womenswear

Sales Advisor – Contemporary Womenswear

Retail Manager – Luxury Womenswear

Sales Advisor – Luxury Womenswear